fused_cast@technologist.com, thanks to the long term developed experience and to the present independent position, is able to support the Glass Industry in the following areas:
  • Post-mortem inspection of furnaces at the campaign end; in close cooperation with your technical staff we can identify weak points, failures and over-reinforced sections, so as to improve the cost/benefit in upcoming repair. In case of premature furnace failure we can support a failure analysis and also provide technical consultancy in case of possible litigations (expert witness).
  • In close cooperation with your furnace engineering department we can support technical decisions about material application within the field of fused cast refractories. In cooperation with your technical and purchasing department we can evaluate the cost/benefit profile of different technical and commercial proposals from different suppliers.
  • We can support the preparation of appropriate technical specifications (preparation of RFQ) and/or compare different specifications proposed by suppliers, with regard to your own peculiar needs (technical analysis of tender).
  • We can attend the inspection process in close cooperation with your technical staff, when you will be invited to inspect the material set-ups at the supplier's facility.
  • We can support your problem-solving process, in close cooperation with your technical and R&D structure, when a quality or productivity problem is suspected to be related with fused cast refractories.
  • We can arrange specific, tailor made, training courses on fused cast refractory application, targeted to your technical staff or new hired technicians, right at your own facility.