fused_cast@technologist.com, owned and directed by Dr. P. Carlo Ratto is summarizing well over 35 years of experience in the technology, R&D, manufacturing, marketing and Customer support areas for fused cast refractory:
  • Product and process know-how development for fused cast products eventually manufactured by Electrozeta in Italy, since 1971 and until 1982. The range included AZS and alpha-beta alumina, with proprietary license, in cooperation with technicians sprung from the Sic-Edison plant in Mezzocorona (I), presently named Refradige and belonging to SEFPRO.
  • Start-up, products development and process optimization for REFEL, San Vito A/T (Italy) since 1988. Application and Customers Support responsibilities were included in the role of R&D manager. At present, REFEL is part of RHI-AG, the Austrian group leader in worldwide refractory market.
  • Since 1994, engaged with Monofrax Inc. (U.S.A.), once belonging to The Carborundum group, then Vesuvius, and now also part of the RHI-AG group. RHI-Monofrax is manufacturing in Falconer, NY, the full range of fused cast products including AZS (three chemistries), Aluminas (alpha-beta and beta), Chrome bearing (two chemistries), Al-Mg spinel, HZFC (high zirconia specialties). Extended experiences in technology, application, customer support and marketing under the role of business development manager.
  • Extensive knowledge of products and technologies applied in Europe, USA, Asia and Far East for the fused cast manufacturing and technical marketing; as a consequence of recently developed "low cost sourcing" policies, direct experience has been developed with regard of Indian and Chinese emerging suppliers.